Factory Banking is the manufacture of value via technological means. It occurs during a value coeval event. The Blockchain achieves coeval value by employing ledger-based technology to transmit and store data, giving rise to an alternate set of value variables. Factory Banking is the expression of these variables.

coeval value

A value coeval is the simultaneous engagement of value chain (tools-based), value shop (knowledge based) and value network (people-based) value propositions at the same time to form a new value composition.

the factory banking project

The Factory Banking Project is a unique group of interconnected Blockchain-based applcations and decentralised smart solutions with the objective of harnessing maximum value creation on the distributed ledger. It evolved out of the M0NK3Y, Zurcoin and Futereum projects initiated in 2017/2018. Click the links to go to each of the individual projects.

  • Extent of Project Completion By 12:05:45 on 1 Feb 2018 67%


COE, MNY (Smart contracts)

M0NK3Y is the original community within The Factory Banking Project. Comprising two smart contracts, Coeval (COE) and Monkey (MNY), the tokens represent the embryo and the parent smart contracts in the token family. The former has a historical high reached of 0.54 BTC, while the latter has been enhanced via a planned swap in Q1 2018 to encompass multi-purpose value mining of Ether and other valuable mainstream crypto.



FUTR and FUTX apply derivative, or option utillity to value mine smart contracts in uniquely profitable ways. Derivative utility is a form of payment functionality that reverses a typical payment transaction into a transaction that makes a payment back. When an exchange of tokens happens as a result of a smart contract application being applied, the utility of the seed token where utility is derived from is transferred by way of coeval value to the option utility token. The process is often accompanied by feemining, whereby a slice of the seed is retained by the project for ongoing development and management purposes. 



(Under Development) 

Marx Rand Media is a divison of the same parent company as M0NK3Y, and currently has one news site, The Currency Journal, which is fully live and operational. Over the courst of the next year MRM will launch an additional 10 news sites and a live streaming TV channel for decentralised news.  The Currency Journal features some of the most insightful financial analysis on the Blockchain and boasts over 100,000 unique readers per month.



In August 2017, M0NK3Y invested approximately $250,000 in a dormant 3.5 year old crypto called Zurcoin. Over the subsequent 6 months M0NK3Y re-sold its position at an enormous loss in order to distriibute ZUR out over a wider number of crypto buyers. In December 2017, TFBP foudner teamed up with Zurcoin Blockchain’s developer to formulate a White Paper and redress the website/branding of the coin. A number of large application developers are now eyeing this coin as a “best investment of 2018” hopeful.



Futer Exchange is the world’s first Alternate Pair Exchange (APE) as outlined and defined in the Zurcoin White Paper. It harnesses the power of derivative utility tokens to trade a diverse range of pairs such as LTC, DASH, ART and others.



(Under Development)

AMFEED is a proposed pre-development price, data and analytical tools blockchain site and application that will better help crypto purchasers make informed trading decisions.



(Under Development)

M0N3X is an in-development application with world-class software and trading infrastructure.

Total number of Waves-issued tokens swapped for COE









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Gregor Schade

Business Development

Futereum Creates Reverse Back Coin

“Futereum, a new type of crypto that was launched two weeks ago, endeavors to re-engineer the idea of crypto
value entirely.”

The Future of Bitcoin

“Harrison is a regular public speaker, and writes regularly on the issues and innovations affecting companies and markets around the world.”

No Bubble For Bitcoin

“Tech entrepreneur Mark Cuban has recently said Bitcoin is facing a bubble. Daniel M. Harrison reveals that is impossible.”

The Bitcoin Bubble Debate

“Daniel Mark Harrison says It’s Impossible for Bitcoin to be a Bubble. His reason, bipolar market theory, is the most convoluted reason to date.”

How FUTR Hedges Investors

“Futereum has already started selling aggressively as investors are looking to hedge their potential losses and amp up the potential rebound.”

Bitcoin's Billion Dollar Baboon

“For once, this is a Crypto offering worthy of something that could fill a public company Boardroom … tidy, smart and innovative.”

The Magic Money Machine

“Introducing Daniel M. Harrison … FactoryBanking inventor. Serial entrepreneur. Bitcoin 2.0 enthusiast. Blockchain evangelist.”

The Berskhire of Crypto

“… COE has gained wild popularity in recent weeks in a market which has otherwise posted sluggish returns after a huge rise.”

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